Career Paths - Undergraduates

Students who pursue majors in the STS Department go on to exciting careers.

Ashley Aust (2009) went on to work as a toy designer at Hasbro.

Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre (2007) went on to co-found Ecovative Design, which specializes in bio-materials that are structurally sound and ecologically responsible.

Elle Braco (2009) went on to work as a campus organizer for U.S. PIRG, then on to graduate studies in landscape architecture at SUNY's College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Amanda Dominguez (2011) went on to a summer fellowship in Public Policy and Internal Affairs at Princeton University, graduating at the top of her class.

Bradley Ferrada (2008) went on work as a lighting designer at Edison Price, then moved on to graduate studies in industrial design at Pratt.

Kevin Fodness (2005) went on to work as a systems administrator in Washington DC, then returned to Rensselaer for a PhD in Science and Technology Studies.

Alessandro Gerbini (2009) went on to co-found AllForLocal, a start-up company promoting local economies, then to create Gatherer's Gourmet Granola.

Tiffany Hu (2011) went on to work at Apple as a supply-base engineer for the iPhone.

Alica Lin and Rachel Neiman (2010) went on to Carnegie Mellon University's interdisciplinary masters program in Product Development.

Jessica Lyons (2005) went on to a masters program in Social Thought and Humanities at New York University, then returned to Rensselaer for the PhD program in Science and Technology Studies.

Katie Malysa (2011) went on to work on as a leader of the Production Team at Ecovative Design.

Peter Mueller (2008) went on to work at Velco in long-term product development of novel fastening systems, then took a break to travel the world and expand his creative vision.

Alec Perkins (2009) went on to co-found Type(ish), a design consulting company specializing in Internet sites and applications.