Chris Tozzi

Chris Tozzi

Senior Lecturer

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Senior Lecturer, Science and Technology Studies

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (2013)

MA, Johns Hopkins (2010)


Christopher Tozzi is passionate about studying the historical, political and social dimensions of technology. His most recent book, For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution (MIT Press, 2017), examines the origins and evolution of software whose source code is freely shared, as well as the cultural and political stakes of such software.  He has also written extensively about such technological trends as the “DevOps” approach to software development and the widespread adoption of on-demand computing infrastructure.

Dr. Tozzi’s academic interests also include the military and cultural history of revolutionary France.  His first book, Nationalizing France’s Army: Foreign, Black, and Jewish Troops in the French Military, 1715-1831 (University of Virginia Press, 2016), investigates the emergence of modern conceptualizations of nationality and citizenship in France from the perspective of men who bore arms in defense of France, yet were not considered fully French due to their race, religion or countries of origin.

In his current research project, Dr. Tozzi seeks to understand how ideological agendas and worldviews inform interest in blockchain technology, and to assess the extent to which an interest in libertarian politics and anti-authoritarianism have shaped enthusiasm for the blockchain.

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