Graduate Programs in STS

Rensselaer’s Science and Technology Studies Department offers a PhD in Science and Technology Studies.  The program builds on the diverse backgrounds and interests of internationally prominent faculty in a Department known for its global reach, theoretical breadth, and ethical engagement, enabling research into questions and problems that extend beyond the boundaries of any single discipline. Our graduates produce new understandings of science and technology that can be translated into improved scientific and technological practices and policy outcomes.

Currently, the Department is not accepting students who wish to pursue a stand-alone Master’s degree, but students may earn a Master’s degree while working toward a PhD.

The STS Department also offers a five-year co-terminal B.S./M.S. in Science and Technology Studies. Current Rensselaer undergraduates interested in this degree program should request further information from their faculty advisor and the STS Graduate Program Director. 


Contact the Graduate Program Director