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STS Graduate Student discusses what it would take to democratize social media on Fusion news. 

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STS Professor is joined by group of international scientists in letter to editor of Science Magazine

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Brian Callahan, a first year STS doctoral student, is working each week in Troy School 2, under the direction of Dr. Ron Eglash, as part of an NSF-funded project entitled "Graduate Teaching Fellows in Community Situated Research: The Triple Helix of University, K-12, and Community Knowledge Production." 

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Mushroom-based styrofoam replacement puts two RPI grads on the list of top young Manufacturing & Industry innovators

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STS Professor Linnda Caporael has been invited to participate in a moderated discussion on the humanistic implications of astrobiology, as part of the Kluge Center's ongoing Baruch S. Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Astrobiology Program, May 27-28 at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. 

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Join Dr. Kimberly Scott as she discusses the intersectionality of race and gender in STEM education. 

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