Sensing Environments - An Earth Week Festival

Sensing Environments - An Earth Week Festival

Date posted: 2013-04-03 17:58:39

April 14–21, 2013


In honor of Earth Day 2013 (April 22), RPI’s Sustainability Research Network presents Sensing Environments, a week-long festival of performances, lectures, films, exhibits, and workshops that explore and celebrate the theme of environmental sustainability.  All events are free and open to the public.

Sensing Environments brings together renowned experts from Rensselaer’s own faculty and leading figures from the arts and sciences internationally to promote greater awareness of sustainability issues, and the role each of us plays in protecting our planet’s health and stability.

The festival begins Sunday April 14 with a screening of A Fierce Green Fire: The Battle for a Living Planet.  The film, which premiered at Sundance in 2012, is the first big-screen documentary history of the global environmental movement, from early conservation efforts to climate change activism.

Throughout the week leading up to Earth Day, presentations will feature RPI faculty including multimedia artist Igor Vamos, renowned for his work with The Yes Men; composer Pauline Oliveros; historian of science Mike Fortun; and micropaleontologist Mimi Katz.  Guest lecturers will include Chuck Haas, Professor of Environmental Engineering at Drexel University, Karen Pinkus, Professor of Italian and Romance Languages at Cornell, and philosopher-composer David Rothenberg of New Jersey Institute of Technology.  

There will also be presentations by media artist Marina Zurkow, whose work explores how humans relate to animals, plants and the weather; Andrea Polli, a sound artist who has collaborated with atmospheric scientists to help people sense climate change; David Dunn, a pioneer of environmental music; and on Saturday, the world première of a commissioned concert work, Circadian Rhythms, by contemporary composer and percussionist Susie Ibarra

Sensing Environments is a joint initiative of Rensselaer’s Task Force on Interdisciplinary Excellence in Sustainability Studies and the Department of the Arts.

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